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In this three hour experiential workshop you will be gently guided to become a more loving and compassionate friend to yourself. Through art activities, discussions, nurturing activities and guided meditation you will discover what your current level of self esteem is, and how you can uncover any blocks or limitations which are holding you back from living a joyful life.

You will also learn how to speak your truth assertively, which will help you to become more confident, and enjoy healthier relationships with all the people who are in your life.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of yourself, and a ‘tool kit’ of methods which you can carry into your daily life, so that you can end the struggle and experience peace and joy.

To find out about upcoming workshops in your area, or if you would like to book a workshop in your school or organisation, you can contact me via phone or email.

The cost of this workshop is €40 per person.