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Jennie with monkey
Row of Children Playing

my name is Jennie, and my job is to play with lots of different children, including children just like you. It is the best job in the world because I get to help children to feel happy again, just by playing.

I have a special room that is full of toys, puppets, games, sand, clay, paint, and much more. I play with boys and girls of all ages, from as young as three, to as old as eighteen. Some children just play, some just talk, some don’t talk at all. Some are loud, some are quiet, and everyone who comes to see me plays in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to spend your time with me in play therapy. It is your special time to use in a way that you enjoy.

Somebody who cares a lot about you might be thinking of bringing you to see me. This might be because you are feeling sad, or scared, worried or angry, or just feeling all sorts of muddled up things inside.
Coming to play therapy can help you sort out all those muddled feelings and, best of all, you will have lots of fun at the same time.

This is a place where you don’t have to answer questions and you don’t have to do things that are hard.

I will be in charge of keeping you, me and the room safe, but usually you will get to choose how to play, and I can join in with you if you want me to. (and I can help you choose what to do if you are not sure).

I will not be telling anyone what we say or do in our special play time, but you would be free to tell anyone about it, if you want to. The only time I would have to talk to another grownup about what happens in the playroom is if you tell me something that lets me know that you are not safe (or someone you know is not safe). Then I would  tell someone who can keep you and everyone you love safe.  I would help support you with this and help you to feel ok about telling someone.

Your special play time with me will be once a week. Most children come for between three and six months but some people might need to come for longer if they have lots of muddles inside. When you are feeling happier and less muddled up inside, and your life is easier, I will help you prepare to finish coming to play therapy.
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I look forward to meeting you soon.