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Family Wellbeing:
Parenting with Awareness


Next course starting on Monday 16th September 2019.

Venue to be confirmed.


All parents are doing their best, but raising a family can often be challenging, and being a parent can stir up many strong emotions. Often we react from these emotions in a way that can leave children feeling afraid, misunderstood or rejected.  This course will support you to examine your relationships (including their relationship with yourself) and learn how to:

  • communicate effectively
  • become a better listener
  • set clear boundaries with confidence
  • resolve conflicts
  • play with your children in ways that build self esteem and deepen connections

There will be a strong emphasis on understanding what causes challenging behaviour and looking for the hidden feelings. All challenging behaviour is a symptom of underlying hurts, fears or disappointments. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the child who needs the most love will ask for it in the most unloveable way.  Your mission as a parent is to respond to your child in a conscious manner that will build his or her self esteem and emotional intelligence.

The course facilitator will support you through your difficulties in a way that is non-judgemental and empathic. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your unconscious patterns of behaviour, and how this has an impact on your family relationships. As you come to love and understand yourself more, this ripples out to your loved ones, creating long lasting improvements in your family relationships

Description of the course

The sessions will consist of discussions, practical exercises and creative self-exploration. You will be given exercises to practise at home and there will be opportunities to discuss how these go for you. Groups will be kept to a maximum of 15 people, and there will be an emphasis on confidentiality and creating a non-judgemental environment within the group.


week 1- Parenting starts with self

Self care is often treated as an afterthought in parenting courses. In this course your well-being is considered to be the most important factor in determining the well-being of your children. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotional triggers and the conditioned responses that you may be using. Self acceptance and self care are emphasised in this session.

Week 2 – The hidden messages behind behaviours

This session will help you to make sense of all behaviours (including your own) and help you to gain a more compassionate understanding of why your child behaves the way they do.

Week 3 – connecting with your children

Strong family connections are the key to harmony in the home. Learn how to connect through special play time, screen-free family time, mealtimes, and regular mini connection ‘top-ups’ throughout the day.

Week 4 – Communication part 1

This session is all about creating a safe space for your child to express all feelings through emotional holding and active listening. This is a useful skill to have for all  the relationships in your life.

Week 5 – Communication part 2

Healthy communication is vital to raising a mature society. In this session we will look at not just what you say, but how you talk with your children and other family members.

Week 6- Bringing it all together

Revision, practice and discussion of the previous sessions. There will also be a discussion  on self esteem  and we will look at a model for family meetings. The course will end with Q&A time.



The investment for this six week course is €150 per person or €260 per couple.

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