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Play Therapy

What is the Fee?

The fee for play therapy is €65 per session, and €45 for parent consultations. The fee is to be paid per session, either by cash, cheque or by electronic transfer (bank details provided on request).



Are there any concessions?

I hold two reduced cost spaces at any one time. if these places are currently full when you contact me then we can discuss alternative options for your child.

How long will my child be in therapy?

There is no definitive answer to this. Each child processes their inner feelings at their own pace. However, research suggests that the average child needs between 12 and 20 sessions of play therapy for it to make a difference. Children with more severe difficulties might need much more, and some children with only minor issues may not necessarily need so many.

It takes, on average, six to eight weeks for the child to get used to play therapy and to feel safe enough to explore their inner world. At this time the therapist can meet with the parents or carers to discuss how therapy is going, and to plan for future sessions.

 How do I tell my child about play therapy?

Once you have met with the play therapist and it has been agreed that the child will attend therapy then you will need to explain it to the child. This should be done well in advance, rather than on the day that therapy is to begin.

You may wish to say something like, “I (or we) have noticed that you have been having trouble with (…. e.g. Losing your temper, feeling worried, feeling sad…etc). I spoke to a lady called Jennie, who has a job called a ‘play therapist’. She explained that sometimes children have muddled up feelings and don’t know what to do with them and this can make life hard for them.

Jennie has a room full of toys and lots of fun things to do. Her job is to play with children like you and just by playing with her for a few weeks or months, your muddled up feelings will fade away. This is called ‘play therapy’.

She is very kind and loves children. She said I can bring you to visit her and play with her toys every …(eg Friday at 4 o’clock from next week until the Christmas holidays). I will be waiting nearby while you play.

please don not tell your child that they are coming to ‘talk‘ to Jennie- this is misleading, as play therapy is very different to talking therapies.  Telling your child that they are coming to talk to me can make some children feel nervous or uncomfortable.

You can also show your child the Children’s Corner page on this website.

 I think my child needs play therapy-what do I do?

If you think that play therapy might be a good idea for your child, the first thing to do is contact me for an appointment (see contact page). I will meet with one, or both wherever possible, parent or carer without the child, so that I can take a detailed case history and find out what difficulties your child may have had in the past as well as current issues. We will discuss all the relationships and external factors which may be having an impact on the child’s life. This will also give me an opportunity to explain the play therapy process to you so that you have a clearer picture of how I work.

The initial meeting will take around one hour.

If it is decided after that meeting that play therapy would be a good fit for your child, then play therapy sessions should commence very soon after this meeting. If, after meeting, I think that play therapy is not the best option for your child, I will help you to find other professionals who may be better suited at this time.

The fee for a one hour intake meeting is €45


Do you work in schools? 

Yes. Where it is not possible for you to bring your child to play therapy, there is sometimes the option for me to work with your child in their school. This would depend on the school’s policies on therapists attending the school, and on the availability of an appropriate therapeutic space in which to work privately. School based play therapy can work very well for some children, but others do better in a private setting. If you would like to explore this possibility please contact me and we can arrange to discuss it further.


Can you meet with my child’s teacher?

Yes. If your child is having difficulties in school it can sometimes be helpful for me to meet with the teacher to get a clearer picture of what might be the troubling issues for your child.  If you decide that you would like me to consult your child’s teacher I can make contact with them and request a meeting.

The fee for a half hour consultation with your child’s teacher is €30