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Jennie Clarke

Play Therapist, Parent Mentor


As the daughter of a play therapist, I acquired at an early age a deep interest in children and received wonderful support and guidance from my mother as I brought up my three sons. I was inspired by her passionate belief in the power of play and decided to train as a play therapist, so that I could help others the way she had helped me.

I trained at the Children’s Therapy Centre, in Westmeath, receiving a diploma in play therapy and psychotherapy. This is a very comprehensive course, which also requires its students to receive 100 hours of personal therapy during training, so that we are not bringing our own issues into the play therapy session.

Since qualifying I have had over 5000 hours of experience and have worked with over 300 children and adolescents, from many different backgrounds and cultures, and with a wide range of presenting issues.

I found that parents who bring their children to play therapy are often in need of extra support themselves, so in order to be able to provide this I went on to complete a 2 year diploma in parent mentoring with the University College of Cork, under the tutelage of clinical psychologist and author, Dr Tony Humphreys. This has given me a deeper understanding of family relationships and how the relationship with the self effects how we parent, and has been hugely beneficial not only to my work, but also in my understanding of myself.

I have the strong belief that every person is equal, and that every person, no matter what their life circumstances have been, is capable of growth and change.  It is from these premises that I work, and I feel privileged to meet every person who chooses to work with me.

I offer the following services:

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As a member of Irish Association of Play Therapists and Psychotherapy (IAPTP) and of the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors (IARM). I adhere to the Ethical Principles and Code of Good Practice set out by these organisations.

I look forward to working with you soon.