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Childs drawing of familyParenting is the most important job in the world. According to clinical psychologist and author, Tony Humphreys, “parents can only bring their children to the same level of maturity that they, themselves, have reached.

It is from this premise that I work, and I believe that all parenting must start with understanding oneself.

Parent mentoring is very different to parent coaching. Rather than being the ‘expert’ with all the answers, the mentor recognises the strengths and abilities of parents, and supports them with compassion and empathy as they work together to reveal these strengths. The parent mentor will help the parent to uncover their unconscious patterns of behaviour which may be coming between them and their child, and help to deepen their understanding of themselves and of their child.

Through my own personal experience as a parent, and in the work that I have carried out with other parents, I have learned that when you can develop a deep connection with your child then parenting becomes easier and more enjoyable. We can then learn to separate the child from their behaviour, and seek to understand the hidden messages behind their behaviour, leading to better relationships and a happier family.

All families come across challenges at some time. During these difficult times it can help to call upon the support of a parent mentor. Through weekly meetings with your mentor you can gain clarity and understanding of many issues such as:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • How to provide discipline without breaking the connection
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • self care for parents

All parents are doing their best – but at times when life’s stresses are getting in the way of parenting effectively, that is when it can be helpful to avail of the space, compassionate understanding and support of a parent mentor. To arrange an appointment with me you can contact me by phone or email. The fee for parent mentoring is €45 per session.

I look forward to working with you soon.